Customer Relations?

It seems that most of my entries in here relate to shocking customer service in England these days. I wonder how long it is before the fabric of this country collapses as people realise they’d be better off spending a few bob and buy from abroad instead.Here’s my latest rant to a company that’s let… Continue reading Customer Relations?

Call for Beta Testers

[Category: Business]Hello all (and few – no idea who reads this!), I have today released some new software for the web community, released at least in the sense that it is now ready for Beta Testing. The software is ‘Website Statistics and Reporting’ software, and provides a detailed level of knowledge about visitors to your… Continue reading Call for Beta Testers

The Dangers Of Online Diaries

I’ve noticed a trend with personal online diaries that’s actually a little bit disturbing. The problem with personal online diaries (and bearing in mind I run a site dedicated to personal online diaries!) is that very often people only write in them when they’re depressed or have some ‘large’ drama in their life going on.… Continue reading The Dangers Of Online Diaries

Tesco Reply…

Dear Pauline,Thank you for your e-mail.The reason I am so angry and eventually wrote such a ‘tirade’ is because I have been passed from pillar to post by Tesco on this matter for close to a year now. The cards are still in the name of myself and my ex-wife despite me requesting otherwise on… Continue reading Tesco Reply…

Is it Microsofts fault?

I’ve just spent the entire day trying to get Quickbooks Pro to send invoices out through e-mail. Initially it brought up Thunderbird which was the default mail client, but that gave the attachments some bizarre name ending with .tmp which of course no-one is going to be able to open.After much titting around I decided… Continue reading Is it Microsofts fault?