Been Busy

If you look at the dates of the previous posts you’ll see I’ve been really busy. Far too busy to update a diary in fact.

To be fair I’m not so into keeping a diary any more, certainly not as much as I used to be. Which is kind of funny really because I’m constantly wondering why so few others still use DearDiary these days. I guess that’s why!

Nevertheless, work has been mad. Then there’s Covid. That was a fun little excursion into hell and back. Not that I’ve fully recovered it seems – every night around 5pm I get ridiculously tired and come over cold and shivery and every joint in my body hurts. It’s weird. I’ve allegedly been over it since the beginning of February but there you are.

Still can’t walk upstairs without getting puffed out either. And my case was mild by many standards. Felt crap, no idea what my SPO2 was doing cos I don’t have a pulse-ox. Lol. Anyway enough on that.

I have moved DearDiary to a new system – again. And I’ve finalised the Latest Diary Updates widget for the front page. I do note that it won’t work on other people’s diaries yet which is annoying, but is a tweak I’ll have to make to the plugin.

Still, it loads almost instantly now. There’s a backend process that generates a data file every 5 minutes – so if you update you might not see that reflected in the homepage widget until it’s had time to re-generate the data file.

Hope everyone is well otherwise!


  1. Sorry to hear you had COVID Steve sounds like you had a really bad case here’s to hoping you get a full recovery , my diary is working perfectly thanks for your hard work

    1. Heya Tim,
      Thanks for your kind words – my case was pretty mild by comparison to some. I’m just left with some lingering annoyances. But I’ll get there! Glad your diary is all working properly – sing out if you need anything!

      1. Ok one question how did you link your name on comments to your diary page I tried several things but nothing worked I think it would be good to make a quick link like that to a persons diary when they make a comment

        1. Heya Tim,
          The only way to do this currently is to make sure you put in the URL to your diary when you leave the comment. If you do this, the system will convert it to a link for you. I will look into some way of making this better, but because they’re essentially all different websites now, it’s not easy to do because although you might be signed in to your diary, you’ll not be signed in to anyone elses if that makes sense.

          Nevertheless, for the time being, put into the Website field when leaving a comment and you’ll achieve this effect 🙂

  2. I see several updated diaries now!

    I had no idea you had the Covid…! I’m happy you are on the other side… but it sounds rough. I hope you improve apace and are back to good health very soon!!!

  3. Hey there! Even I have made it here and don’t know how it happened, must be a magic of this place, but I felt that urge to say something…so … something…. here, I’ve said it…;-) and to join the established crowd of your admirers, adding my voice in Thank You Steve! For your dedication to Dear Diary! It is it that inspires us to keep going. Also, hope your lurking covid will be gone for good very soon!

  4. Steve –
    Thank you so much for helping me out when things went Berserk at my end twice. I have been able to get on without any hinges attached since the second lockout. Being with DD and seeing the changes come and go since the early 2000s, I am glad to be a Patreon. It’s worth $3 a month, and I am familiar with WordPress. I am glad to be a part of DD.

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