Customer Service In England

Dear Clubcard, I am utterly disgusted with the level of service I get from Clubcard. In March 2004 I moved house and seperated from my wife. I contacted Clubcard to get my own card with my own details and to seperate them from my wife’s. I got a new clubcard number – however Clubcard has… Continue reading Customer Service In England

Leading Questions to MPs

Hello [MP name here], I have written to you twice now, before Christmas and have yet to receive any response or indication that you’ve even received my e-mails.My previous MP, a Conservative MP, when I lived in [where I previously lived] constituency was extremely quick to respond to my messages and did much to restore… Continue reading Leading Questions to MPs

Advertisers, Listen Up

Do you realise that BY SHOUTING AT US IN OUR LIVING ROOMS every ad-break, that all we do is reach for the mute button? Do you think that BY SHOUTING AT US IN OUR LIVING ROOMS every ad-break, that we’ll buy your products? Do you think if you deafen us by doubling the volume during… Continue reading Advertisers, Listen Up

Can PHP Be Used For Prime Time Websites?

[Category: Reviews]This is an interesting question and one that my answer has recently significantly changed direction by approximately 180 degrees. There was a number of reasons why I never believed that PHP was a particularly good choice of language for building web ‘applications’.Firstly, my chosen career suggests that I ought to be using Java J2EE… Continue reading Can PHP Be Used For Prime Time Websites?

The End Of 2004 is Nigh

[Category: Personal]What a great year it was too, for me personally. I think 2005 will be even better at a personal level, I have a good feeling about it. A lot of things have manifested themselves nicely in my life this past year and they’re growing stronger and bigger every day.I want to thank everyone… Continue reading The End Of 2004 is Nigh

VS.PHP Comes Of Age

[Category: Reviews]For some time now I have believed that PHP lacks a good quality, affordable, IDE with many of the features we’ve come to expect from IDE’s. I’ve heard of Zend Studio and I understand it gets excellent ratings but it, like many other development environments I come across, is just too far over budget… Continue reading VS.PHP Comes Of Age