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Hello all (and few – no idea who reads this!),
I have today released some new software for the web community, released at least in the sense that it is now ready for Beta Testing. The software is ‘Website Statistics and Reporting’ software, and provides a detailed level of knowledge about visitors to your website. Things such as their screen size, whether they have Java enabled, what their primary language is and a whole host of other things too.

If you have your own web site and would like to get detailed statistics that your web logfiles cannot tell you, please help me by becoming a Beta Tester. Beta Testers who are active in helping me test over the next month or so will qualify for a years free use of the Statistics Collector at the ‘Professional’ level. More details can be found at You can only sign up for the beta program by clicking the link on that front page there at the moment.

In case anyone is interested, I’ve been running the software for a couple of months on the front page at DearDiary 🙂

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