Why It Is Called ‘The Worlds Favourite Airline’

Over here at least, British Airways advertise on the TV as ‘The Worlds Favourite Airline’. Well, I don’t know about that for sure, but I do know they’re pretty much top on my list these days.

Every time I have flown BA they’ve been excellent and today, I had to phone up to move a flight to later in the year. Given that the flight was meant to be on the 14th May I had a horrid thought that perhaps it was a bit too late to try to move it now, but nope, everything was fine. The call handler was really friendly and the flight is moved, free of charge, to November. And these aren’t expensive tickets considering their destination (though they’re not exactly ‘budget’ either at 800 pounds – heh).

Nonetheless, in my experience of other airlines there’s often clauses on the ticket that say no changes or changes will cost X.

The other thing I find extremely impressive about BA in this day of customer mushroom syndrome (ie, keep the customer in the dark and feed them ….) is that they tell you exactly what’s going on. When they had baggage handler strikes last year, they kept everyone informed, and got Management out into the ‘trenches’ to keep customers travelling. On my particular flight we had a bit of engine trouble on our second leg (before we took off fortunately) but the Captain was keeping everyone informed every 10 minutes or so, telling us he’d sent details off to Rolls Royce and was waiting for them to come back, and actually explaining what the fault was so we knew, rather than had to guess and panic!

I’d certainly recommend anyone to fly BA. This entry is written because these days we’re all too fond of slagging off companies when they do bad things and we often forget to praise them when they’re good. I’m pleased with British Airways.

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  1. that’s good to know. wish i can say the same about our airline. frankly, i couldn’t. i wouldnt even fly ours. maybe air france or others. ours stand for the acronym PAL…plane always late. lol.

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