International Miscarriage Of Justice

Recent news regarding an Australian tourist arrested in Bali for carrying 4.1 kilos of marijuana into the country has concluded with her being given a 20 year jail term.

I don’t believe this is fair, just or even the right verdict. However, putting aside whether we believe she’s innocent or not (which I do) how can a 20 year term be just when some of the Bali bombers individually received only 10 years. The Bali bombs killed lots of people, marijuana as far as I can tell, kills no-one. Not that I am advocating drug smuggling of any kind, but let’s at least get the sentence terms in line with each other.

To that end, if you’re reading this (and it doesn’t matter whether you’re Australian or not – you’re almost certainly an ‘ally’ of Australia in other world matters so this is important to you too) then please visit and see what you can do to help. And remember that next time you travel abroad, this could be you…

In that vein I’ve written the following to the Prime Minister of Australia, John Howard;

Dear Mr Howard,
I realise that as a citizen of the UK I have no sway in Australian politics but as a citizen of one your closest allies in the Gulf, where we have stood shoulder to shoulder against worldwide atrocities time and again I am writing to you in the hope that you will spare me just a few minutes to listen.

Mr Howard, I fully understand your public position yesterday regarding Ms Schapelle Corby as I understand how difficult diplomatic relationships with other countries can be, particularly your closes neighbours, but I believe this is clearly a case of wrongful imprisonment and that Ms Corby is innocent. There are a number of factors which lead me to this conclusion and of course I appreciate that the only evidence I have to work with is provided by the media whereas you can get the real evidence.

I’d like to ask you to look into the case and to ensure that you do everything possible, on behalf of all western nations whose people travel abroad, not just Australians, to do whatever you can to ensure that Ms Corby gets a fair re-trial and above all, a fair sentence for her crime if she’s proved guilty after a re-trial. I’m sure you must agree that 20 years for carrying 4 kilos of marijuana cannot be a fair term when the Bali bombers received 10 years for multiple murders.

I believe Indonesia is trying to make an example of Ms Corby, and I understand their desire to keep drugs out of the country. But they must treat each case an individual and take each case on the evidence presented. The evidence in this case points to Ms Corby’s innocence and I urge you and your government to please stand up and help her case before we see other westerners wrongfully imprisoned for political purposes.

Yours Sincerely,
Steve Brown.

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