Is it Microsofts fault?

I’ve just spent the entire day trying to get Quickbooks Pro to send invoices out through e-mail. Initially it brought up Thunderbird which was the default mail client, but that gave the attachments some bizarre name ending with .tmp which of course no-one is going to be able to open.

After much titting around I decided to de-install Thunderbird and revert back to Outlook.

Except now when I try to e-mail the invoices I just get a MAPI error. I right click on Send To Mail Recipient and absolutely nothing happens. Nothing at all.

So it’s fair to say that Thunderbird has wrecked my system and hasn’t put things back after I’ve de-installed it. I find this time and again with Open Source software. People like to run around blaming Microsoft and telling me it’s my fault, but I don’t see why I should be expected to be an expert in absolutely everything just because I want to send mail? It shouldn’t be difficult for an application to put things back to how they were before you installed it should it?

I’m so sick of crap software. The world is so full of utter crap software. It strikes me that if the physical world was built as amazingly poorly as the software world that the human race still wouldn’t have a properly functioning wheel? Would you accept that the building you’re sitting in occasionally falls over? It’s OK you’d say, it gives you plenty of warning before it happens, and we can just rebuild again. Ahuh? That’s how most software is architected and built these days.

It’s high time there was a professional body for software development, like building architecture and other professions. You wouldn’t expect for a building to be designed by someone who’s ‘just playing around’ so why do we allow people to do it with software? I think it’s time the software industry was better regulated.


  1. I agree and I feel your pain. However I still maintain in these times we must laugh and laugh and turn the computer off and go do something else.

    *kissy kissy woo woo*

    Ros’nich xxx

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