Customer Relations?

It seems that most of my entries in here relate to shocking customer service in England these days. I wonder how long it is before the fabric of this country collapses as people realise they’d be better off spending a few bob and buy from abroad instead.

Here’s my latest rant to a company that’s let me down badly;

Never mind, we cancelled the order and requested a full refund. Something I notice today Argos can’t even get right as they failed to refund the delivery fee to my account.

Equally frustrating is that you claim to have kept us informed at all stages, which is a fabrication. Your original letter was dated some two weeks prior to us actually receiving, and the subsequent letter which your ‘customer services team’ claim we have been sent has thus far failed to arrive. Interestingly these are the only letters that Royal Mail has failed to deliver on time so you’ll have to forgive my cynicism here and perhaps bear with me while I consider the possibility that in fact you didn’t send them early enough or in the case of the last letter, didn’t actually send one at all.

Will I buy anything big from Argos again? Absolutely not. Will I tell all my friends to avoid buying home delivery items from Argos? Absolutely.

You had it within your power to appease the situation with a gesture of goodwill but instead you chose to insult me by asking for proof of my interest paid, which as it turns out I don’t have because I bought it with my debit card. Proof of interest lost from my savings account will be hard to come by.

It’s good to know that Argos truly doesn’t care if it loses one customer. Of course, if one customer is all you lose from this then you’ve been lucky.

Thank you and good bye.

Argos Direct wrote:

>Dear Steve Brown,
>Thank you for your e-mail regarding order number 66363550.
>I am sorry to hear that your order was delayed.
>I have had a look into your order and I can confirm that I am sorry, due to a high demand, there is a delay in processing your order.
>We try to ensure that all of our orders are delivered within the agreed time but sometimes delays do happen. We have kept you informed at all times to ensure that you are aware of your orders status.
>Please write to Customer Relations Department with proof of your interest paid on the amount of the order to:
>Customer Relations Department
>Argos Direct
>Acton Gate
>ST18 9AR
>Should you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or call us on 0870 600 8784.

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