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Dear Clubcard,
I am utterly disgusted with the level of service I get from Clubcard. In March 2004 I moved house and seperated from my wife. I contacted Clubcard to get my own card with my own details and to seperate them from my wife’s. I got a new clubcard number – however Clubcard has decided to join that clubcard number to my existing account, despite being told not to.

I have called 4 times to get this sorted and twice more this morning to be told there aren’t enough operators and please call back later. What would be the point Tesco? What would be the point? You can’t get it right anyway.

My Tesco Visa card is associated with the joint clubcard and the operative this morning told me that my wife still had a Tesco Visa card and advised me to contact Tesco Personal Finance to get her removed. This was something of a shock to me because I removed her from the TPF account last year, by sending the card cut into small pieces with a letter. After calling TPF I was assured that she was no longer on my visa card and hadn’t been since the 9th July. So the Clubcard operative was wrong. Again.

What do I have to do to get my own clubcard in my own name Tesco?

I think I shall be visiting the Sainsbury store to sign up for Nectar. Tesco has lost the plot and I’m sick of it. The Sainsbury store is closer anyway and quite honestly with the other things that Tesco has done lately (ie not bothering to reply about my concerns of over use of plastic packaging) this is the final straw.

I can feel a balance transfer from my Tesco Visa coming on too. I don’t see why I should have to put up with this ridiculous level of absolutely basic customer service – getting my details correct.

Every little helps? It would be nice if you got anything from Tesco except fobbed off every time you contact them.

Incidentally you’re breaking the Data Protection Act 1998 as well because it is my legal right to have correct details held about me. If this matter is not resolved, either by removal of all my details from your systems, or by getting them corrected within 14 days from this submission, I will be contacting the Data Protection Registrar to file a complaint. You’ve had over 6 months to get this right.

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