Been Busy

If you look at the dates of the previous posts you’ll see I’ve been really busy. Far too busy to update a diary in fact. To be fair I’m not so into keeping a diary any more, certainly not as much as I used to be. Which is kind of funny really because I’m constantly… Continue reading Been Busy

Latest Happenings

It’s been way too long since I posted an entry – there’s been so much going on! I graduated from Uni last year, passed the Paramedic Degree and got a job with Ambulance Victoria as a Graduate Ambulance Paramedic. That’s been taking up most of my time because when I’m not at work I’m still… Continue reading Latest Happenings

So amazingly blessed

When we follow God’s plans for our lives we can become so amazingly blessed in ways that were previously unimaginable.Yesterday I received the news that one of our long time diarists (Pragmatist) who’d written here since 2002 has passed away. As I understand it she was quite elderly, although I don’t know her exact age… Continue reading So amazingly blessed

Careers Advice Wanted!

If anyone reading this has gone through the ‘mid life’ career change that required significant university re-education before they could enter their new chosen career, perhaps you could drop me a line or leave a comment about how you did it?Not giving much more in the way of details on that just yet – but… Continue reading Careers Advice Wanted!

Initial Thoughts on Vista

My ZD7000 finally gave me the irrits enough that, after careful consideration, I had to relegate it from ‘uber gaming / development machine’ to ‘remote desktop machine’ since it’d last about week before cooking another 1G SODIMM. I can’t afford to keep replacing them, and I think it’s largely heat related, despite being on a… Continue reading Initial Thoughts on Vista


Someone who’s about to become famous said ‘prayer is talking to God, meditation is listening’.I don’t think the world does enough listening to God. We’re always busy with our tight schedule and we don’t stop for long enough to hear that small voice in the wind. I wonder how the world would be if we… Continue reading Meditation


Please don’t bring your DearDiary issues into the comments on this diary – this is my private diary and there are ample places for you to get DearDiary support. The darn great HELP button at the top of the screen should enable you to do that 🙂Thanks.

Time is Different?

I’m glad someone mentioned this one;I’ll let SufferingServant answer this one – he’s done so much more Bible study than I have 🙂The way I look at it is that in God’s time, his time span is different to ours. To us, a day is a long time (depending on what day of the week… Continue reading Time is Different?