Face up to it, you WILL get shit service

No matter what it is these days there seems to be only one thing that’s guaranteed. Absolutely shit service, from whatever it is you want and where-ever you buy it from.

Companies don’t give a flying one about keeping customers, it’s all about getting new ones. This deal is the best of the century, oh but it’s open only to new customers.

I’ve just picked up a new power supply from my laptop. I plug it in and the light on the supply comes on, but it doesn’t power the laptop. It looks like it’s been kicked around the factory floor, the rubber feet are missing and the plug is all scuffed.

Tesco haven’t replied to my e-mail, because they don’t give a fuck if I go to Sainsbury’s. They know I’ll be back because that’s the way the world works. I’ve had no reply to latest letter to my MP. Why? Because he doesn’t give a fuck if I vote for him or not, they’ll still get back in power.

I don’t know how much longer this can go on for before people of the human race really do go postal and demand that something changes. It’s fucking disgusting to be treated the way we are these days.

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  1. I completely agree with you. If I order something online I’m much more surprised if there’s nothing wrong with the order itself or the item when it arrives than if something is wrong with it.

    Out in public, rude, crappy service is now the norm rather than the exception. It’s really exasperating. I took the family out for a meal to a semi-expensive restaurant recently and the server (who was probably new) rushed us through the meal, asking for my credit card when I was still finishing my salad and shoving the signature slip in my wife’s face to sign. We probably would have ordered coffee, but we were both livid by then and paid up and split. When I got home I was still fuming and called the restaurant and complained (politely) to the manager, and he was nice enough to send me a gift card for our next dinner. At least there’s some justice. But wouldn’t it be nice to just be able to have it done right the first time?


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