AirPlay to Windows On Your TV?

For some time I’ve had a Windows Media Center running our TV. It has dual TV card and records TV, as well as holds our movies, pictures and some other stuff. What it doesn’t have is our music collection because we both use Macs and iPhones, and Windows Media Center music management doesn’t really compare with iTunes and the iPhone. Until now I’ve had a fly lead going into the surround sound system to play music from the iPhones through the stereo. But that really kinda sucks because it means the iPhone has to be next to the stereo and that may be pretty inconvenient.

Enter shairport4w – a free (open source) airplay receiver for Windows.

Normally, AirPlay is only available on Apple TV or specialised AirPlay speaker systems. But by adding it to the Media Center, it turned our TV into an AirPlay destination. Now I can charge the iPhone on one side of the room and wirelessly stream the iPod music to the TV / Surround system. Much better sound quality, no need for wires, all through the existing network. It’s awesome.


  1. Thanks for the Allimom fix. It is no longer listed under my diaries. Yay!

    [I didn’t want to have an alter ego that I didn’t even know about. I have enough trouble with the ones I DO know about!] 😉

    I’m tweaking around on the Genesis theme and Miss Tick is being very helpful, bless her.

  2. Brave new world indeed! 🙂

    I am slowly finding my way around here…. Miss Tick’s was the first place I headed after putting Yetzirah on cyber Speed Dial! Between the two of them I do believe I will survive.

    And I know where to track down my favorite Australian should things get really sticky! lol

  3. Dude. You need to blog more. 🙂

    My favorite “Auto correct” on my Mac is when it tells me not to type ‘fireman’ because it’s ‘too gender specific’. Lordy. What if you are talking about a man who puts out fires??????


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