Leading Questions to MPs

Hello [MP name here],
I have written to you twice now, before Christmas and have yet to receive any response or indication that you’ve even received my e-mails.

My previous MP, a Conservative MP, when I lived in [where I previously lived] constituency was extremely quick to respond to my messages and did much to restore my faith in the political process of this country. Unfortunately, by not replying to my messages, even to acknowledge their existance, you’re doing little to uphold that faith.

I might remind you that there is a General Election which will be coming up shortly and I have a number of issues I am going to want to talk to my MP about. If you are not prepared to respond to my e-mails you won’t have to think too carefully about where my vote will be placed.

To make this particular e-mail worthwhile I would like to know your views on Mr Blair’s announcement today that he is prepared to stand with the US president against Iran and possibly Syria.

I look forward to hearing from you shortly.

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