Advertisers, Listen Up

Do you realise that BY SHOUTING AT US IN OUR LIVING ROOMS every ad-break, that all we do is reach for the mute button?

Do you think that BY SHOUTING AT US IN OUR LIVING ROOMS every ad-break, that we’ll buy your products? Do you think if you deafen us by doubling the volume during the ads that we’ll surrender and line your pockets? Unless you’re selling hearing aids, or ear-plugs, we won’t.

I realise you do it because a number of people, a reasonably small percentage I might add, disappear off to the loo, or out to the kitchen to make coffee. The national grid statistics bear that out. But by cranking up the volume to reach the 10% of people who do this for that particular ad-break, you alienate and annoy the 90% who are still sitting there.

Do people that buy advertising not stop to think about what happens when people finally get fed up enough of advertising? We switch off, in this case quite literally. Everyone I speak to mutes the ads now because they can’t stand the deafening volume.

Regardless of anything else advertisers, it is COUNTER PRODUCTIVE.

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  1. I do believe we have reached ad saturation. I hate them. Well, some of them are clever and amusing, but that doesn’t mean I buy the product now does it? It does seem odd that companies continue to do something that everyone complains about. They must think that being noticed at all is success, even if it means you throw your slipper at the tv.


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