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It’s been way too long since I posted an entry – there’s been so much going on!

I graduated from Uni last year, passed the Paramedic Degree and got a job with Ambulance Victoria as a Graduate Ambulance Paramedic. That’s been taking up most of my time because when I’m not at work I’m still studying for the job. It’s basically an internship, where I have my degree but now I get to learn how the job really works. After a year I have to go for a panel assessment to determine if I’m suitably experienced and knowledgable enough to become a Qualified Paramedic instead of a Graduate. A year seems a long way off normally, but in this job with these pressures it seems so unbelievably close.

On the programming front I’ve been enjoying doing some WordPress programming again – tweaking DearDiary.Net to add some anti-spam code along with adding the Viglink service to try to monetise the website a little. If you’ve got your own website with a niche market that you want to be able to easily add affiliate marketing to, then I strongly recommend checking out VigLink. The other site ( ) that I’ve been playing around with lately has made some good dollars via Viglink, and initially I didn’t even realise it had done so!

I’ve also setup a review site for more physical items since I got sick of the only consumer review sites being ones related to ‘Choice’ or ‘Which’ and required a yearly fee in order to look at. And I’m not convinced they’re entirely independent either so Rose and I set up to fill that gap.

We need guest writers for both of these, and a new site too – so if you use products, a Mac or an iPad please consider dropping me a line and becoming a guest blogger for us over there!

Anyway, this is just a quick catchup entry as I need to go sleep now before night shift…. One of the not so great aspects of the job – but at least next month I’m not doing nightshifts so that’s a blessing!

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  1. Just wanted to share something that is happening right now on… I am appreciating my blog even more these days, even after all these years! It gives me a wonderful place to share the things that are inspiring me and the sharing itself magnifies the joy.

    I thank you again for providing us a place to do these magical things!

    (Why do I not worry one bit about your upcoming ‘test’ ?) I’m sure you will do well!

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