The World Has Taken Leave of Its Senses

Or at least the media would have us believe so. I’m not so sure.

But it is my impression that since September 11th 2001, most politicians, editors of the media, and the general public are quite prepared to accept a verdict on something (whether that be legal or just ‘public opinion’) without question. Or at least the media and politicians seem to think we are.

I watched in horror the events of September 11th, and within what seemed like seconds, CNN were reporting that it was the work of Al Qaeda. Now that turned out, in all likelihood, to be true. But how did they KNOW that within the scant minutes that had passed and no time had been allowed to properly investigate.

Then again we were told in late 2002 or thereabouts about the existence of Weapons of Mass Destruction and the entire basis for a war on a sovereign state (whether or not we agree with it’s ‘choice’ of leader) was formed over this verdict. This one turned out to be entirely inaccurate.

We hear fallout from this regarding politicians taking bribes or accepting financial kickbacks in return for oil exports being allowed out of Iraq. But where’s the proof of this? No-one knows, yet the Russian politicians are openly condemned by the media to be guilty.

In 2000 I believe it was, a daytime TV presenter, and former presenter of Blue Peter was almost completely destroyed by the media’s witch-hunt that had most of the country believing he was a rapist of former weathergirl Ulrika Johnsson. It should be noted that he was acquitted of these charges after a lengthy investigation by police which should have taken no more than a few minutes of ‘Where is the victim?’ – ‘Oh, she won’t say it was him guv’ – ‘OK, see ya’. But the media crucified John Leslie and to this day I have not seen a proper apology from them.

And in 2005 we see a girl convicted and holed up in an Indonesian jail on evidence that just doesn’t stack up. This case is of course ongoing, and the only reason I’m bringing it up today is because the media are doing it again.

Today we read reports of a white substance, containing some biological agent which is probably a ‘baccillus’ type being sent to the Indonesian Embassy in Canberra, Australia. This is, according to the news, some form of retribution against Indonesia for the imprisonment of Schapelle Corby.

Except there’s absolutely NO evidence, at least shown to us, to support this theory. John Howard has linked the incident to Schapelle’s case (which is the dumbest thing a politician could do for one of their own country people) and has formally apologised to the Indonesian Government in Jakarta.

It’s a whirlwind of fear and propoganda. One of the media articles I read this morning did point out, almost under it’s breath, that MOST baccillus bacteria are entirely harmless to humans, except the one noted as causing Anthrax. Given that we’ve not been told whether the bacteria in this letter is one that causes Anthrax we might be wondering what all the fuss is about anyway?

John Howard’s claims that it is Australian backlash against Indonesia over the Schapelle case is absurd. The average person doesn’t have access to Anthrax bacteria to put in a letter for goodness sakes.

There is just as much credibility to my own theory that an Indonesian judicial supporter has perpertrated this act in order to try to enrage the appeal trial judges into ensuring that Schapelles appeal fails.

Both theories are in fact equally unlikely. It’s far more likely that the event is totally unrelated to Schapelle Corby in any way, shape, form or fashion. But it makes better news if it’s related to an already sensational set of events.

To my mind it’s time the world population stopped listening and believing this utter crap. Journalists beware.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more about the uselessness of todays propoganda filled media. I haven’t even owned a television for many years now due to that reason. So long as our media sources serve corporate masters, there will be little "truth in advertising", so to speak. Obviously the problem here in the US is extreme. We are force fed disinformation constantly, and sadly our public drinks it up. We are being desensitized to the real truths out there. I’m not sure where its all headed, but I do know that it is my responsibility to seek out that which is not portrayed by the media. Perhaps therein lies the "story behind the story".

    I applaud your stance, and your courage to speak out.

    Be well.


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