Time is Different?

I’m glad someone mentioned this one;I’ll let SufferingServant answer this one – he’s done so much more Bible study than I have 🙂The way I look at it is that in God’s time, his time span is different to ours. To us, a day is a long time (depending on what day of the week… Continue reading Time is Different?

Paul the Apostle

Those who’ve read a few entries ago, admittedly they were some months back, will know I’ve been reading the bible. Now I have another question for those more learned than me;In 1 Timothy, Paul declares that he will not allow women to teach. They should sit quietly and subserviantly because Eve was created after Adam,… Continue reading Paul the Apostle

Our new little boy…

puppyBob Originally uploaded by Jerrek71. We’ve got a new little boy – this photo is on Flickr and I’m using the Flickr ‘Blog This’ system so I’m not at all sure how this will come out – if it all! Anyway – we picked him up today – he is a bit bigger than he… Continue reading Our new little boy…

Nearly Christmas – Does Anyone Remember What It’s Really About?

Rose and I have been going to church for nearly a year now – and we were pretty much the last people that Jesus would appeal to, although we came from basically Christian backgrounds (albeit non practising).But this year I’ve been reading some interesting books, since developing an interest in Jesus and coming to accept… Continue reading Nearly Christmas – Does Anyone Remember What It’s Really About?

Microsoft Dictate Who Can Send Mail

Microsoft, with their Hotmail service are leveraging their enormous weight to dictate e-mail policy of other companies. The unfortunate thing is they seem unwilling to share what that policy actually is.Throughout various hosting forums I am reading that people are having more and more trouble sending legitimate e-mails to owners of Hotmail accounts. Anyone that… Continue reading Microsoft Dictate Who Can Send Mail

I Walk The Line

I don’t normally post song lyrics, because there’s just not much point really. But this one is so good and it sums everything up so well that I just think I will this once 🙂Incidentally, if you’ve not seen the movie, hire it or it buy but definitely watch it – it’s great. I Walk… Continue reading I Walk The Line

Setting up a Draytek Router to use QoS for a VPN Connection

I looked everywhere for this on Google, and couldn’t find a sensible answer, until I stumbled across the Draytek support forums at http://www.draytek.co.uk/forum and did a fairly lengthy search on there.With any luck, Google might index this page for other poor souls who are trying to find this information!!My home network is on ADSL, with… Continue reading Setting up a Draytek Router to use QoS for a VPN Connection

Environ MENTAL

I hear on the news that a committee of MPs has once again decided that the only way to curb environmental pollution is to increase taxes. The BBC News Story suggests that taxes be increased on 4×4’s and air travel.The report criticizes the Government for not taking decisive action to shift the balance of affordability… Continue reading Environ MENTAL

Test Entry

Testing DD on the new server… There`s still a long way to go, but it’s getting there…