Setting up a Draytek Router to use QoS for a VPN Connection

I looked everywhere for this on Google, and couldn’t find a sensible answer, until I stumbled across the Draytek support forums at and did a fairly lengthy search on there.

With any luck, Google might index this page for other poor souls who are trying to find this information!!

My home network is on ADSL, with 2meg down, and 256k up. When you’re seeding torrent files (and I regularly seed Eclipse and CentOS which are freely available non copyrighted software, so I’m not breaking any laws in case anyone thinks otherwise!) it’s nice to give as much outbound bandwidth as you can. But 256k in the grand scheme of things isn’t much and if you leave your torrents seeding at the maximum the line will take, everything else runs REALLY slow. And I DO mean REALLY slow.

For my job, I have to VPN into a remote network and use Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) over this VPN. I also have Oracle database connections, CVS and a strange little app call LanChat. All of which runs like absolute crap if you’ve got any torrents or any outbound hungry apps (such as DearDiary search engines!).

Enter the Draytek with its QoS (Quality of Service). Using the QoS settings you can define that you wish to prioritise your VPN, email, http or whatever traffic over and above that of the outbound torrents. In this way, all your high priority apps still work snappily and everyone’s happy, but when nothing else is happening on the line your torrents can use every last kilobit of bandwidth. It’s great!!

Except that for some reason, setting the PPTP VPN options don’t work. They never got prioritised. I suspect it’s a software glitch in the 2600G’s firmware but I can’t be sure. Nonetheless, after much digging I found the obvious answer.

When you setup a VPN you’re invariably talking to a specific end point. That endpoint never changes. So, instead of telling the Draytek that you want PPTP traffic to take priority, tell it that traffic to the particular endpoint should take priority. Then it’ll work!

The details for how to do that are at which for some annoying reason does not feature high on search engines when you search for PPTP, VPN and QoS.

Hopefully this entry gets indexed better than the alarmingly useless articles I found on my searches and saves someone some time!!


  1. Wow. I did not understand ONE word of that entry.

    But I am eternally grateful that YOU do!

    Will that help the hits counter work right then?

    I’m in awe of your knowledge.

    End User Grovelling….


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