Someone who’s about to become famous said ‘prayer is talking to God, meditation is listening’.

I don’t think the world does enough listening to God. We’re always busy with our tight schedule and we don’t stop for long enough to hear that small voice in the wind. I wonder how the world would be if we stopped, just every so often, and listened for the voice of God among us.

But too often we’re told we’re not worthy of being spoken to by God. We’re told we’re all sinners – and for many it’s never clearly explained WHY we’re sinners. But why would a sinner, with all these problems, imagine that they could be spoken to by one such as God? But God wants all sinners to turn to him – Jesus said a doctor is not called for a healthy person but a sick one.

And so we may ask God for many things. Things like healing for our friends and relatives. More money so we can do the things we want perhaps. Success with this project or that project, or more of this that or the other. And many times God grants us these things and blesses us, but we don’t even notice it.

It reminds me of a story I heard about a man;

During a major downpour of rain, a town beside a river flooded as the river burst it banks. The floodwaters rose and rose and eventually the man was forced to take refuge on his roof. He was praying to God to save him as he climbed onto the roof. His faith was strong.

Shortly a few of the townspeople came past his roof in a boat.

‘Climb in’, they yelled at him.
‘No, the LORD will save me’, he called back.

The waters were still rising and before long they were lapping at his feet. The man kept praying, harder and harder. ‘God, please save me, I don’t want to die here.’

Shortly a rescue helicopter came along and dropped a man on a rope who told the man to hold on to him and he would be winched to safety.

‘No’, said the man, ‘I am waiting for the LORD to save me. He will save me’.

The helicopter man was stunned but could not persuade the man to be pulled up to safety. Seeing there was no point, he instructed the pilot to save other people instead, and the man was left on his roof as the waters continued to rise.

Soon the man was swept away and was drowned.

As he approached the Pearly Gates, he asked of God, ‘I prayed and I prayed, I had the strongest faith in you – why did you let me drown?’

A big booming voice, that of God replied ‘I sent a boat and a helicopter for you and you refused them. What else was I to do?’

Sometimes when we’re asking things of God we absolutely MUST slow down and listen to his reply. We absolutely MUST allow him to answer us in whatever way He feels is appropriate, not however we feel is appropriate.

So, slow down occasionally. Meditate, listen to God.

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  1. That was a good one. Like the blonde praying to God for a winning lotto ticket, and in the end, God shouts at her to ‘buy a lotto ticket so he can answer her prayers’!

    You’re right, we don’t pray enough, and we certainly don’t listen enough. Thanks for reminding us.

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