Screenshot of New DD View Entry

In case anyone is interested, and thought that the work on the new DD had stalled, here’s a screenshot of the ViewEntry page (although it’s not yet complete, it’s missing navigation buttons and such things) as it stands at the moment…

All the data you see is derived from the database, including the configuration colours, and check out those cool looking borders that make the menu, entry text, and calendars look like they’re on sort of raised ‘buttons’

New DD Screenshot

(Actually I’m not sure if you can see the outer table borders that well, but oh well, you will – when it’s released ;))


  1. have you seen channel five’s recent program "RamsesII: death of firstborn"? some interesting facts were there upon discovery of a thomb with what scientists concider as Ramses’s first born son, who has been killed presumably while chasing a group of slaves, who were trying to escape towards Israel side. very interesting findings also about all 10 plagues, that each of them has got perfect scientific explanation, even the "bloody waters of Nile, etc. etc. from the nature’s point of view, all those "plagues" could be just a "natural cause", not by someone’s hand, really. they even explained the "red sea" passage and apparently, the evidences do look very logical. at least, to me 🙂 me too would like to know the answers t othese questions, you’ve raised. I’ll be watching your space for responses 🙂

  2. Wow. Let’s start with the really BIG questions first why not?


    Why did God scatter the people?

    We need to know what exactly they were doing there at the tower of Babel. According to Torah scholars, "Nimrod was the primary force behind this rebellion. In the Midrash it explains his sinister motive. He planned to build a tower ascending to heaven and from it, wage war with God."

    The Rambam (a very famous Torah scholar) says that this story is included to show how a people who started out being related to each other, were dispersed. In case we might doubt that we all originated with one person… Adam. This story is included for that purpose.

    Your question is a good one. We ARE all related.

    The second question about "God’s people" is more subtle.

    Of course we are all of God’s creation. Our origins are from the "ex nihilo" (something from nothing). But there are ways to live in the world that are according to the grand spiritual scheme of things, and ways that are not.

    Worshiping created things as gods is not only counterproductive, but just plain wrong. There is only one Creator. Not the sun, moon, stars, planets, nor cats, dogs, frogs or turtles.

    Besides, you must remember, Pharoah proclaimed HIMSELF god.

    And since you are starting at the beginning of the book ( a very good place to start indeed ) you will find God separating out the Hebrews… not to be the ONLY people, but to be the workers He would use to spread around the idea that there is only one Creator of Heaven and Earth.

    We do not believe we are the only believers. But we have been chosen to perform certain tasks specifically realated to us and our job.

    The goal for us, is the day when…. "The knowledge of the Lord will cover the Earth as the waters cover the sea."

    There is a very good book that outlines the 7 laws of Noah which apply to all mankind. It is called "The Path of the Righteous Gentile" by Chaim Clorfene and Yakov Rogalsky.

    My humble attempt to shed some light on your very big questions…..


  3. Your entry brought back echoes of the religion classes I had to take years ago. I had asked similar questions of my instructor, who had what seemed like 50 different doctorates, PhD’s and any other degree that could be had in the field of theology.

    My questions were answered with something definitely not a text-book answer. Most of the Old Testament is not fact oriented, but legends that were passed down through the generations. Myths sprinkled with some truths and expanded upon to teach lessons to each new generation. Basically… campfire stories. The nomadic existence from which Judaism, Christianity and Islam sprang from did not lend to people carrying any type of sacred written text with them, so the traditions were carried orally.

    The legend of Babel was an explanation for why there are other cultures and languages, but the lesson was more one of punishment. The people had wanted to make a name for themselves, so to be remembered in the case they were scattered across the earth. They sought to build a tower to the heavens. The punishment by God was to do to them that which they feared, scatter and confuse the languages. Essentially the moral of the story, don’t rise above yourself.

    The punishment also had roots in various stories starting with Cain & Abel. The God they worshiped did not condone a stationary lifestyle. He wanted his people to be nomadic. Cain’s sacrifices were the fruits of the land, which required him to stay in one place and tend his crops. These sacrifices were spurned whereas Abel’s sacrifices of livestock (which he had to follow in the nomadic tradition) were accepted gladly. With the Tower of Babel, the people were building he tower of Babel, around which they wished to also build a great city. God saw the creation of the more stationary lifestyle he didn’t want for his people and delivered his punishment.


  4. Okay. I’ll take a shot at that entry on the Bible. First, I read the Bible all the way through, starting with Genesis, the first time. I think it’s the way most books are read, so why not the Bible. Secondly, we are all God’s people, and all nations are His, if we read correctly. But just as people speak, we must ask to know what is meant by the writer…helps to know the writer So I suggest you each begin your reading by asking God to let you understand what He wants you to know before you read (I do that always)…and I think, or it’s my opinion, that God chose Israel (actually Abraham, who was a pagan just as the Bables were)as His nation or people to show His love through…what His intentions were towards all of us.

    St. Teresa was knocked off her donkey while crossing over a rocky stream and fell on her butt. She is reported to have asked God, "Why?" and He answered, "This is how I treat My friends." She replied, "And that Lord, is why You have so few of them." Don’t know how I got off on that, but to say ‘look at what’s happened to the Jews!" By the back of the Book, if you keep reading, you will find that it’s very much like the story of Job, and that all nations are eventually God’s nations, God’s people, and that He loves His entire creation. That’s why He gave Himself for us on the cross. And Happy Resurrection Day!



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