Dying In A Dream

I’d heard somewhere that one could not die in one’s dreams, however I
can now confirm that isn’t entirely true. Having said that, during this
dream where I died, I did wake up momentarily, just at the point of
death, and then once I slept again I began the dream at the point I left
off. The state of awakedness was only very momentary. So, what is this
mysterious dream of which I speak… Well I can’t remember all the
details now because I meant to write it on Saturday and kept putting it
off. Doh at me. But here’s what I can vaguely remember for anyone except
me who really gives a whatsits.

I and a couple of other people had been commissioned to smuggle a light
aircraft from Amsterdam to the UK. (How you would smuggle a light
aircraft I have no idea, especially in this day and age, but nonetheless
it all seemed plausible in the dream). We landed at an airport
somewhere, and discovered that we had been double crossed and someone,
no idea who, was going to be arriving real soon to kill us. We jumped
back into the plane and discovered that taking off would be very
difficult because there were a large number of electrical pylons, with
their associated cabling, covering the airstrip (how did we land? Who

The next phase of the dream, we’d somehow managed to evade capture in
the previous episode, and now three of us were at the bank, to collect
our money for completing the job. Someone from inside the bank, behind a
security door, started shooting at the three of us. 2 of the men ran
through the security door, ducking to avoid being shot, and I was left
outside. Someone called to me to come this way, and so I went through a
seperate security door, which was almost an ‘airlock’ type arrangement
whereby you went through one door and were then in a small cubicle,
presented with a second door before you entered the main area. The
person I was following went through the second door and closed it behind
him. At that point I made the scary realisation that in fact the person
shooting was in fact after me. I then realised that in fact they had got
me, because the escape route was blocked by the door which had closed
behind me, and there was no way forward due to the second door being
combination locked. And then I saw the bomb behind the second door. I
don’t remember whether it had timings on it or in fact if I even saw it,
but I knew there was no escape.

Shortly, the bomb exploded and I was caught in the blast. But there was
no pain. I sat there and watched as bits of wood from the door, glass
from the windows and metals twisted and flew around me, and I watched in
strange wonderment at it all. I’m not entirely sure at which point I
woke up – I think at the point of the blast was when I woke, then I was
back to sleep for this part. So, watching all this happening I wondered
how I had managed to survive such an explosion. Of course, I soon
realised that in fact I hadn’t, and I thought to myself, well that
wasn’t so bad was it? Didn’t hurt at all, and now I’m dead but still
here. It was all rather calm. At one point I chuckled to myself because
all the alive people were fearing death and spent so much time
concentrating on it and here I was, dead, but finally knowing the truth
of what lies after. I mentioned something about God and Jesus at that
point and sort of looked up, but there were no pearly gates or strange
tunnelled lights for me to walk down. So I walked out of the bank.

I can’t remember the rest of the dream, though I vaguely remember
visiting my mum in France, and I distinctly remember playing practical
jokes on people because I could walk through the walls and they
couldn’t. I also remember that, with some considerable mental exertion,
I could fly. But the flying was very tiring and I didn’t do it much.
Walking through the walls took a lot of concentration too because my
mind was battling myself trying to tell me it wasn’t possible.

I have no idea what this dream might mean. If it is a true indication of
what happens to us at time of death then there is really nothing to
fear, God will look after you. You can choose whether to stay and
interact a bit longer, or you can go home to his side, the choice is
yours. In a lot of ways it was very re-assuring. It was also quite
interesting, purely from the point of view of it dispelling the myth
that you cannot die in your dreams.

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