I’ve been using Linux on my laptop for about 2 months now, previously with Fedora Core 4 but in the past couple of weeks I’ve switched to Ubuntu which is proving itself to be rather significantly superior. It’s nice to be back on a Debian based system – there’s a LOT more pre-compiled packages available for Ubuntu. Even Rose is considering using it after seeing it in action

I’m trying to get BloGTK to work with DearDiary.Net at the moment, because I’d like to update more often but when I remember I’m usually sitting at my desk and visiting a website posting a blog entry is a bit obvious! So if I could get BloGTK working then I could post a bit more secretly!

Things are going well though, the new DearDiary engine is taking shape and finally promises to be something worth waiting for – at least for me! lol.

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  1. I am so glad the man behind the curtain knows what he is doing. Because I mostly didn’t understand one thing you just wrote! But I am happy that you are happy!

    Write On!

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