Of Scripts and Hosts

Today I had the dubious pleasure of switching IP addresses on the DD/Kabarty server. That in itself wouldn’t be quite so bad if Plesk wasn’t quite so retarded in it’s approach to IP address aliasing but as a result of the IP Change all the websites started showing the Default Plesk page while the DNS updates. I’ve put some thing on to some of the domains (DD.Net being one of them) to get over this ‘hump’ so it’s all good.

As part of the IP change I had to migrate the secondary DNS for all the domains that are hosted by Kabarty, which amounts to over 80 domains. Doing it through the web based interface at Serverbeach would have been a nightmare so I asked them if I could write a script… They were somewhat rapt at the idea because they then asked if they could give it to other customers. So there it is, a bit of Perl that migrates all the domains under an account.

It was fun

Oh yeah, and if you like the smileys that come with the new HTML editor, you can thank the great ‘Lovey Bear’ for that – she chose them 🙂

In other news, I’ve now got the beginnings of a fantastic new framework for DearDiary.Net which is written in Java2 Enterprise Edition. It’ll provide a MUCH more flexible solution to the current Perl setup, and be MUCH more scalable and resilient. Not to mention it takes much more advantage of improvements in HTTP protocol since 1999.

Things like;

  •  ‘If-Modified-Since’ headers to improve cacheability

  • Form based login and logout (yay!)

  • Cache-Control headers

  • Internal Object caching

  • Style sheets to improve loading speed.

There’s other things too that’ll significantly improve the use of the site and bring into the modern age

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