You cannot play this track now because you don’t own it

With software as poorly written as Napster it’s no wonder the music industry is scared of MP3 downloads and pirated music.

I had to re-install my laptop last weekend. Since then I’ve been trying to get Napster to play my tracks. Some I’ve paid for specifically, some I download as part of my subscription. But I can’t play ANY of them at the moment because of ‘error 1013’.

Now is it just me, or is this why unprotected MP3s are the way to go? I’m sorry music industry, but cash aside, if you make it more difficult for me to play my legitimately downloaded music than illegitimate which one am I going to do?

I TRIED to be legitimate. I’ve paid for Napster for over a year now, so that’s £120 or thereabouts, and I have absolutely NOTHING to show for it now. I’d have been better off buying the CD’s – at least I can play them in ANY CD player (unlike this ridiculous DRM shit that restricts where I can play my Napster files)

Well I’m over it. Napster has 24 hours to get back to me and get my stuff fixed or they’ll find me cancelling my subscription. Not that they care I suspect, after all I am only 1 in a million or more customers and my £9 a month is a drop in the ocean.

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  1. I thin Napster sucks! The same thing happened to me when I tried to burn them (which it said in advance that you can burn them 4 times after buying them) but then when i tried to burn and play them it said I don’t own the copyright so that blows, I uninstalled Napster and installed BEARSHARE. To blazes with Napster.

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