1. Thanks for your comment, and thanks for all your hard work keeping DD running so people like me don’t have to panic too often 🙂

    ^ ^




  2. Hello Mr Awesome Owner of Dear Diary.net – just a comment to say thank you for bringing such a wonderful website into our lives – and for allowing our lives onto your website. Always and forever, I am hoping!

    Miss Fairy Lights x

  3. yes thankyou

    this has been a poet’s gold mind(e) for me

    the lovely bear I love it

    I imagine that you are as cuddly as a teddy

    have a gorgeous day

  4. Hello, just a note to let you know I can see photos now, but I am not getting notifications when my friends post an entry. I AM getting notified when they leave comments in my diary, however.

    Thanks 🙂

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