An Interesting Interview

I’ve been reading Slashdot for
many years, and as a Linux User I’ve understood some of the things that
Richard Stallman has spoken about free software. However, in the
interview on ZNet he talks about what he calls ‘Treacherous Computing’ which Microsoft and Intel name ‘Trusted Computing’. Microsoft and Intel sell it to us under the banner of being better because viruses won’t be able to propogate and worms won’t be able to e-mail us all every day… However, the real truth of ‘Trusted Computing’ almost certainly lies closer to where Richard Stallman believes at the bottom of the interview.

Even if you’re a non techie, but use a computer, the interview,
particularly the last questions regarding ‘Treacherous Computing’ are
worth a read… It’s an interesting direction we appear to be heading.


  1. thanks for that interview article. i am one of those non-techie who tries hard to understand the language of the computer world.

    is there a way to avoid those treacherous computing softwares? or are we enslaved to it because most of us non-techies are using MS? we gotta face it that we are those kind who just buy and use so we have those programs installed upon purchase of computers.

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