Should Tony Blair Be Given Another Term?

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It’ll soon be election time in the UK. Although we’re not sure exactly when it’ll be, there’s some predictions that it’ll be May of this year. The question is, will Labour be given a third term?

I think it’s dangerous for any political party to get a third term, and we’re seeing this with Labour, and have done for much of the term. Although Labour have done some good stuff for this country, they’ve done a lot of pretty bad things too, particularly in this last term.

Even if we’re to write off the recent David Blunkett debacle, we mustn’t forget the multitude of other, more glaring, and more dangerous lies we’ve been fed by Mr Blair in this, and the previous term. Has anyone else noticed that Mr Blunkett was forced to resign merely for speeding up the processing of a visa application, yet Alistair Campbell was allowed many more abuses of power, and told so many more lies and yet he was not forced into resignation, nor was he fired by Mr Blair. We also appear to have let Mr Blair off the hook for out and out lying to us regarding the Gulf War.

When I wrote to my M.P. regarding the latest Gulf war, I pointed out to him that Israel is in breach of a multitude of U.N Resolutions and had not been brought to task over it. I was assured by him that the Government had pledged to deal with this as well, and indeed Jack Straw was on TV announcing just that before we went to war. Once they got the backing of the House, this part of the ‘deal’ appears to have been forgotten.

Has anyone else noticed that Gordon Brown promised not to raise taxes – yet he did in fact raise National Insurance Contributions. What will they go back on in a fourth term?

Has anyone noticed that Car Tax and diesel/petrol has gone up but spending on Public Transport hasn’t? (Do you know, it costs £1.20 to go 3 miles on the bus into Ipswich Town Centre? 40 pence per mile to travel on public transport! And you can’t buy a return ticket any more, unless you’re going to be returning within an hour).

Has everyone forgotten that when Tony Blair ordered our troops into Iraq, it was with 85% of the population reportedly AGAINST that decision. But he went anyway. And he told parliament he was absolutely categorically satisfied that there were weapons of mass destruction to be found. Where are they?

I don’t believe that Tony Blair should be given a chance to become totally complacent with his position. A third Labour term would be absolutely disastrous for Britain, just like a third Tory term was. Regardless of your political leanings, it is time for a change in government, just because if they’re elected for a third term, they believe they’re invincible and start to make decisions from inflated ego’s rather than common sense.

Whoever you vote for this election, think very carefully before voting Labour.

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