Religious Debate

I wonder if there’s anyone that can satisfactorily answer a question
I’ve been pondering?

To be honest, I’m not sure that such an answer exists, and everyone will
no doubt say that such the answer to such a question is very personal.
But anyway, Rose and I have been reading the bible recently, and we’ve
some questions that have cropped up. Admittedly we’re starting with the
Old Testament and any Christian I’ve spoken to has said not to do that
(why though, since it’s part of it?!)

Anyway, the specific question I have right now (there’ll doubtless be
others) is that, if everyone is descended from Adam and Eve, and
subsequently Noah and his wife (Who’s name escapes me right now) and
then apparently the city of Babel was beginning to be built and as a
result of it happening so quickly God decided to scatter the people and
give them all seperate languages so they could not collaborate in the
future (1st question, why would God do this?) then what I don’t
understand is how come there are nations that are not God’s people? For
example, the Egyptians in Exodus, were blighted by plagues upon plague
so that eventually Pharaoh would relent and let ‘Gods people’ go home.
But why are the Egyptians not God’s people? God himself must have
scattered them and given them their language when they were building

There’s other questions, but so far that’s the biggest (and we’ve only
just started on Exodus).

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